Although 2023 marks the year 3FORTY2 Innovations was born in the stunning Okanagan Valley, don't let our youthful company age fool you. With roots running over 30 years deep in the software industry (thanks to our founder, Trevor Cameron, who started coding when dinosaurs roamed the digital plains), we carry a rich legacy of software expertise.

At the core of 3FORTY2 Innovations is a passionate ensemble of tech enthusiasts. Each individual radiates creativity, but as a team, we're bound by a shared vision. Our dedication to innovation is complemented by a practical approach, ensuring solutions that aren't just pioneering but also functional. By embracing the latest in technology while staying grounded in proven strategies, we strike a unique balance. This commitment to being both forward-thinking and reliable defines our work ethos. Creative. Practical. Balanced. It's more than just a tagline; it's the mantra that drives every decision we make and every product we craft.

Sun, sand, vineyards, and ski slopes – Kelowna, BC is where we call home.

About 3FORTY2 Innovations

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